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Mel and Jano started learning about tables, transparent gifs and hexadecimal colour "back in the day" when "blink" was considered a good idea. Over the years, we gained skills and developed in ways we've never expected. Not to mention how much the internet grew from the unwieldy prepubescent monster into its more reasonable and practical thirty-something adulthood.

Below are some sites we've built for ourselves and some for others, all-the-while learning and evolving along with the ever liquid state of the net. We've had a few laughs along the way.

  Tugboat Fantastic!
Plink-plonk? Noise-pop? You decide. Chris and Teri Fantastic head this unique cheery and cheeky ensemble, generating a sound that pops, bubbles, giggles and squishes - when it's not haunting and ethereal. Get clued in on the latest Tugboat news, browse their discography, listen to audio samples, or get a brief history lesson of the band. And don't forget to sign up for Synton Kinetics Online - the official electronic fanzine of Tugboat Fantastic!

  Maybe Mel! Must Be Mel! It's all Mel!
Yes, it's Mel. Princess of the trailer park and domestic vixen. Not satisfied with sharing a site with Jano, Mel decided to branch off and start her own. Mel's musings, music, mullings, and the occasional rabid mullet can be found here along with her online journal and interesting Mel facts. Fan club queue to the left, please - NOW!  But there's been a change!  An addition to her club - Ronan Yslas Baird!  Or Cromag as she likes to call him. 

  The Bairds Go to Scotland
What began as a six month holiday for Mel and Jano ended with new home and a new life in the UK. Current news keeps our family and friends up to date and the gallery says it with a thousand words. Oh and if you notice a few spare "u"'s hanging around here and there - well, we got really good with the old English English. The pictures on this lovely site have been destroyed by a previous host (damn that stupid Feature Price).

   So You've Been Dumped
So You've Been Dumped was one of our pro bono websites. We met with the owner and agreed to redesign her site for free. In exchange, our redesign is meant to bring us new business and to be seen. She has since redesigned it herself.

  Adirondack Group
This is just a snapshot of the Adirondack Group site as they are no longer in business.  In 1998 Christi Olson PhD, a professor at San Francisco's Golden Gate University together with business partner-to-be Eileen Morgan, PhD approached Melba Toast Mfg. to bring to life an online presence for their then emerging business consultation seminars. The site was a success, and since then Christi has started another consultation business, The Olson Group.

  Devils Kitchen
During an evening of comic book characters and drink, Mel came in contact with Lex Burham, one of the founders of Devil's Kitchen. Devil's Kitchen is a band of freelance artists including graphic designers, lighting monkeys, and photographers, who only needed a bit of help from Melba Toast. Melanie and Jano were able to step in and rewrite their code, including their rollover javascript and made the Devils proud. This is an excellent example of how Melba Toast Mfg. is more than willing to show you how to maximize your website yourself, if that's all you need!

  Spaghetti & Ravioli
Spaghetti & Ravioli is one of the finer hair salons in San Francisco. They specialize in everything from new and unique hair styles, to groovy monofibre hair extensions. Mark and Devin are the masterminds and what they do with hair is magic! Melba Toast came along to redesign their website and what a success it was.

  Castro Day Spa
Whilst Mel and I were attending school and working full time, we managed to find time to meet with the lovely proprietor Sandy and build her a site. It was quite a pleasure working with her and her staff, and the massages made it all the better! What began as a working relationship quickly turned into a great friendship and whenever either party needs that quick pick me up - the other is ready and willing to be there!

  BBQ Masters
Wow what a dinosaur! This was the first site constructed for our first paying customer back in 1996! BBQ Masters supply parts for all makes and models of gas BBQ grills and cookers and ship them world-wide. Though crude in appearance, the site provided a simple interface and three-step process for customers to get what they wanted easily and quickly. The site was so successful that they had to occasionally shut it down so the BBQ Masters could catch up with the orders!

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